4th April 2020

Shopping on a 125cc scooter?

How much shopping can comfortably be carried on a typical 125cc scooter?

29th Feb 2020

Scooter wash and checkup

My procedure for biweekly wash + checkup on my scooter.

05th May 2019

Scooter Camping

Can you go camping on a 125cc scooter?

08th December 2018

You can do encryption backdoors

The digital world and crime investigation.

20th October 2018

Oseta Cafe

Best little Cafe ever!

20th October 2018


Great range and value in this Cafe!

14th October 2018

Cobblestone Tea House

A cute little Cafe in a cute little shopping arcade in a cute little village.

10th October 2018


A quiet cafe in Zhongli.

9th October 2018

Mr. Brown Coffee

A big chain Cafe in Taiwan

9th June 2018

Cockburn's Tea Rooms

I review the Cafe in this sites hero image!

3rd June 2018

The Cafe with No Name

I review The Cafe with No Name

1st June 2018

Cafe Vita

Today I review Cafe Vita in Worthing

20th May 2018

The MoatHouse Cafe

I review The MoatHouse Cafe in Arundel.

20th May 2018

The Internet is Great!

Some positive attitude for the internet.

20th May 2018

Waterside Cafe

I review Waterside Cafe in Arundel.