10th October 2018

Today we go to at CAFÉ in Zhongli. This part of town is a bit more western styled than most of Zhongli. That's why it has Cafes!

                                                             front on
                                                             clean street

Unfortunately they don't do bread or cakes very well in Taiwan and this cafe is no exception. My bagel has nice filling but the bread seems really cheap.

        Happiness Taste ~DELICIOUS~ Happiness is a glass of
        wate,transparent without taste, when you need it most, she is
        than honey, happiness is a song, a simple but meaningful.

The coffee is OK though. This Cafe has an atmosphere like a library. People are being quiet and working on laptops and stuff.

        of cafe

It's easy to park your scooter in Zhongli.

on-street scooter parking

Well if you're ever in Zhongli and you want a quiet Cafe I can recommend at CAFÉ! Decent coffee and nice atmosphere.