Cafe Vita

1st June 2018

Today I review Cafe Vita in Worthing.

It's easy to park your scooter in worthing.

couple of scooters in big, spacious motorcycle parking bay

Worthing's a seaside town. The beach doesn't have any sand but there's a nice pier and on a clear day you can see the offshore wind-farm. Very cool!

the sea with pier on left and boat on right

So here's Cafe Vita. It has four sections:

And it has a tree outside to shade you from the sun!

front of cafe

I went into the fish & chips section and ordered the cod & chips, a decaf coffee and a bakewell tart. I sat inside because I didn't want to get attacked by seagulls, but next to the door for some cool ventilation. This is the view out the window:

view out the window to the iconic roundabout

The cafe has a few stylish little quirks such as cafetiere-styled coffee cups. And on the walls, photos of Worthing in different decades.

Fix and chips was tasty, and staff were friendly. Over-all, a great Cafe/Restaurant!