Cobblestone Tea House

14th October 2018

Today we visit a very small tearoom in Steyning. It's inside a "Historic shopping arcade" called "Cobblestone Walk".

the entrance to cobblestone walk looks like just another shop-front

Basically the deal with the historic shopping arcade is that it's really small inside.

Look: outside the Tea House there's a decorative bicycle so you can imagine you're in a cute little country village.

front on Cobblestone Tea House

It's a converted old building, and the inside is really small and cute.

there's a scone station!

I have an enormous breakfast here called "farmer's feast". I don't know where in that little place they actually cook such a big meal. Quality is OK but mushrooms are a bit tasteless.

But it gets me ready for my walk because the reason I came to Steyning was to walk up the big hill!

path up hill

You can see some cool views of the surrounding farmland as you walk up the hill.

distant farmhouse surrounded by fields

If you look the other way you might be able to see the sea!

view towards the sea. there are fields and sheep

Try using binoculars and look for the off-shore wind-farm!

wind-farms with birds in the shot

I wonder who lives there.

house framed behind flowers

In conclusion, Cobblestone Tea House is a great place in Steyning to have breakfast before or after you walk up the hill and I recommend it!