Cockburn's Tea Rooms

9th June 2018

So today I'm actually reviewing the Cafe in this sites hero image; Cockburn's Tea Rooms!

On a Saturday lunch-time, it's a bit more crowded.

cafe front. there's a cock and little teapots

Cockburn's Tea Rooms is on the high-street (off the left of the below image). Notice the castle's outermost walls at the end of the street!

street with old-style English buildings

If you're wondering why it's all dark and grey outside it's because Arundel is in England.

OK so let's go inside. Every Cafe I've been to in Arundel so far has been great so I have high expectations.

center: table for two, left: grandfather clock, top:
        victorian picture

So it turns out it's one of those fake Victorian tea-rooms, with a creepy Victorian picture above every table! I am very disappointed to report that the people working here ARE NOT VICTORIAN. In fact THEY'RE NOT EVEN DRESSED AS VICTORIANS.

I ordered a cream-tea and a BLT. It took 15 minutes to come at this busy time, but when it came it didn't disappoint!

Tea came in matching blue china cups and teapot, and you get the little strainer thing you always get in these places. Sandwich was very nice, with chunky slices of freshly cooked bacon, supplemented with heaps of salad and fruit (did Victorians really have melon?). Probably the healthiest lunch I've had in Arundel! Scones were warm and nice.

They had both low armchair type chairs and the typical wooden chairs. Price was extremely competitive at only £11 for everything.

Victorian Tea-rooms aren't really my scene but I have to say this is a nice place!

And when you visit Cockburn's Tea Rooms, don't forget there's lots of places to park your scooter in Arundel.

motorcycle parking