The Moathouse Cafe

20th May 2018

Now I review The MoatHouse Cafe in Arundel.

Arundel is a cool place with castles and cathedrals!

castle entrance flanked by trees

It's always easy to park your scooter in Arundel.

scooter parked with other scooters

You might wonder how I became a Cafe reviewer even though I know nothing about coffee and I can't spell Cafe. Well I guess I just woke up one morning and blam! I turned into a Cafe reviewer!

cafe front

So there it is, The MoatHouse Cafe.

This is one of those Cafes that's almost a restaurant because they have a big range of different food on offer and full table-service.

Prices are what you'd expect and food and coffee is really good! I had a flat-white coffee and an "original black friars burger".

Coffee is small, so definitely get a large if you don't want it to run out before your food comes. Food was excellent, really tasty, well prepared and good portion size! Actually the burger was so tasty it didn't even need ketchup!

Interior is very stylish, and on a Saturday lunch-time it was not crowded and I was served quickly. I don't like taking photos inside a Cafe because people don't like it but here's what a table at the window looks like.

table at cafe

I didn't explore the back of the Cafe, there may be an upstairs but I don't think there's a garden.

Well to conclude, The MoatHouse Cafe is awesome in every way and I grade it highly recommended! Really nice.