Mr. Brown Coffee

9th October 2018

Today we're reviewing Mr. Brown Coffee, in Taipei City.

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You will find cans of Mr. Brown Coffee in convenience stores and vending machines all over Taiwan. This is iced coffee and it comes in several different flavours.

        flavours of Mr. Brown Coffee cans in a convenience store fridge

The brick & mortar incarnation of Mr. Brown Coffee is an industrious monstrosity.

wide shop front

It's easy to park your scooter at Mr. Brown Coffee.

scooters parked on the pavemount right outside Mr. Brown Coffee

They copied their logo from Costa Coffee and the actual coffee does not seem very good to me. I don't think many Taiwanese people really drink normal coffee, preferring to have it iced.

what are
        the streets like in Taipei

If you want a iced coffee on-the-go there's nothing wrong with the Mr. Brown Coffee cans you can get anywhere.

However because of the mediocre coffee, industrious atmosphere and fraudulent logo I don't recommend going to a Mr. Brown Coffee cafe! You can probably find better places to get a coffee in Taipei City!