The Cafe with No Name

03th June 2018

Today I review a Cafe in the sea-side town Worthing.

shot of pier from below

Sometimes when I can't find a scooter to park next-to, I park next to a motorbike. I actually had a chat with the owner of that Harley. Friendly guy. Shame his bike sounds like a T-Rex with wind.

scooter parked next to Harley

The interesting thing about the Cafe we're reviewing today is, it has no name :o

front of Cafe with blank name-board

You might imagine it to be some sort of Ghost cafe, but inside it's really normal.

a normal cafe front, with cakes on counter etc

I order the "special" which is double patty cheeseburger + fries + drink for £9.95. For drink a black coffee. Staff are very friendly.

For ambience, they have a radio station playing all the most annoying pop tunes.

The food was all very tasty, as was the coffee. Though sometimes I doubt how healthy burger and fries really is. I appreciated that they provided a steak knife so I could easily cut up my burger, rather than get a beard full of mustard and mayo.

Over-all, nothing wrong with this Cafe!

And look, we can see the off-shore wind-farm today!

off-shore wind-farms, with a little boat