Oseta Cafe

20th October 2018

So today we go to an AMAZING Cafe in Brighton, called Oseta.

To get to Oseta you go down this colourful street,

cool downhill street with colorfull buildings

And here it is!

stylish front of Oseta

It's really small inside, and the staff are really friendly.

there's those high chairs at the window

They have a really proper kitchen with a great vegetarian range. I totally recommend this great Cafe!

There's so much graffiti in Brighton you will be amazed.

some awesome graphiti

Look! the electrical box!

graffitied electrical box

Shops even deliberately graffiti their own shop-fronts to fit the theme of the city.

paintings on front of stores

In looking for cool graffiti in Brighton I discovered where the homeless people sleep.

tents outside parking lot

Well I hope you'll visit Oseta in Brighton I rank it maximally!