Waterside Cafe

20th May 2018

Today I review Waterside Cafe in Arundel.

entrance area to cafe

Arundel is a cool little town with a castle and a river.

the cafe with river in front and castle behind

The Waterside Cafe is cool because it has the river in front of it and the castle behind it!

Let's go inside!

OK so I had BLT sandwich and an Americano coffee. And a custard tart. The nature of the food is that's it's cheap but actually pretty good. Even the coffee was fine.

Staff were busy but friendly. It's not really a posh Cafe, rather somewhere people take their kids. But I didn't have trouble getting a seat right at the water's edge even on a weekend, and was served quickly.

view from table

In conclusion, an affordable Cafe in a pleasant location, right next to a car-park and a castle! Recommended in sunny weather!

another shot of the cafe